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IT Infrastructure & IT Installations

We specialise in providing a wide range of IT infrastructure and installation services to businesses across the UK.

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<p>Networking – WiFi/LAN/VLAN/WAN/VPN</p>

Networking – WiFi/LAN/VLAN/WAN/VPN

<p>Communications & Telephony/VoIP</p>

Communications & Telephony/VoIP

<p>Conferencing & Audio Visual Solutions</p>

Conferencing & Audio Visual Solutions

<p>Router/Firewall/Switches & Access Points</p>

Router/Firewall/Switches & Access Points

<p>Cabling Infrastructure Solutions</p>

Cabling Infrastructure Solutions

<p>Commercial Internet & Broadband Solutions</p>

Commercial Internet & Broadband Solutions

IT Infrastructure & Installations

The backbone of any modern business is the technology that supports it. Our IT infrastructure services help you by offering a free consultation to determine your needs.

For modern businesses to perform, their users need immediate access to their data and systems. We design and implement highly secure, stable, optimised and available IT infrastructure solutions which ensure your data delivery is as efficient and effective as you need.

Converged networking, increased personal devices, IOT, and expanded use of Wifi have meant that most business are increasing the demands on their network. Unfortunately this often results in erratic connections, a slow user experience and poor coverage.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand why your core infrastructure and Wifi provision, are central to the user experience in your business.

We help our customers create a reliable, stable infrastructure which fulfils their requirements now, and into the future.

A fast backbone with a quick wireless connection that’s simple to manage and scalable will help you overcome even the most business complex challenge.

Call us on 03300 53 59 55 to discuss your IT infrastructure needs with one of our directors and they will be happy to help you.

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Wifi/Wired LAN / VLAN/ WAN / VPN

Whatever your core connectivity requirements, we can design the right solution for you

Telephony / VoIP

At 5u we are witnessing a big move to converged networking (putting telephony onto the same network at your computers) – let us advise you on the options, so you can achieve the same benefits

Digital Signage & Audio Visual

This fast moving area of technology now offers our customers fantastic capabilities that just a few years ago were reserved for only the largest business. Talk to us about this now.

Remote Conferencing Solutions

Do you need a reliable solution that just works? Would you like to integrate Skype for Business with your conferencing? We can make that happen for you?

Router/Firewall /Switches, Access Points

The bread and butter of our Infrastructure services – get this bit right, and all the rest becomes possible! We will make sure that you get exactly the right solution for your needs

Cabling Infrastructure

Often overlooked, but if you plan your cabling requirements properly, this important component will remain invisible for many years. Exactly as you would want it to.

Broadband, Internet

Are you getting value for money? Do you know what to look for? We can provide fantastic commercial broadband that has been scoped to meet your exact requirements.

Installations for new premises

We specialise in working with office fit out contractors and construction companies to procure and install IT equipment for new premises.

Whether you’re a construction company looking for a trusted partner to help with projects, or you’re moving into a new premises and need some advice, give us a call on 03300 53 59 55.

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