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About 5th Utility Ltd

At 5u we have one simple objective – to delight our customers, so that they come back to us. We do this is by putting a focus on customer service.

So what does that mean? When you meet with one of our team you will not just be meeting a sales rep who has to sell a set amount every month. Why? Well, if his objective is to get the deal closed, he may not have your interest at the top of his list. At 5u our sales team is targeted on helping customers to make the RIGHT decisions. If that means the deal won’t close this month, then that is a small price to pay for building long term partnerships with our customers.

Not only that, we want our customers to know that if they are not happy with something they can call us up and they will be taken very seriously. In fact there is also a strong chance that if you opt for a free consultancy, the person who comes to meet you will be one of our founders. Why? Because we believe that the best way to ensure we are delighting our customers, is to meet with them and listen…

Trusted to deliver IT Solutions to some of the UK's leading brands

Our Priorities

Delighting Customers | Working In Partnership | Delivering Business Outcomes | Innovating | Delivering Excellence


5u was founded by a team of IT leaders who felt that customers deserve better.

Each founder has a different IT background – each of them started their careers over 20 years ago in technical roles. Over the years as their careers have evolved, they have developed a deep understanding of both the technical and commercial needs of provisioning IT solutions to the Enterprise, Education and Construction markets.

Core to the objective of delighting customers, the founders remain as hands on as ever.


“5u came into our office relocation project and immediately took all the IT challenges away from us, which our existing supplier had been unable to do. They took ownership for every component relating to IT, allowing us to focus on our own business. We are now talking to 5u about our Office365 and cloud migrations and I have no doubt this will be a resounding success.”

Richard Yeo, Co-founder, ACI


“Working with 5u is a delight – they are a highly professional business and have great expertise in delivering Education ICT projects. They are true to their word, punctual, excellent in managing expectations and only ever seek to deliver the highest quality of service for you. I strongly recommend the use of 5u to anyone, a great partner.”

Mark Timbs, CIO, Lendlease Europe