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Digital Transformation of the Patient Flow

Healthcare Solutions from 5th Utility

In partnership with Nugensis Health, 5th Utility are the UK’s leader in Digital Transformation of Patient Flow solutions within Acute Hospitals and the wider Health setting. Our solutions are designed to bring efficiency to the hospital, reducing administrative overhead and the cost incurred as a result.

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<p>Improved Healthcare</p>

Improved Healthcare

<p>Pro-active Planning</p>

Pro-active Planning

<p>Increased Efficiency</p>

Increased Efficiency

<p>Less duplication</p>

Less duplication

<p>Greater Visibility</p>

Greater Visibility

<p>Better Results</p>

Better Results

Healthcare Solutions

5th Utility have partnered with Nugensis, the leading provider in Patient Flow and Healthcare solutions.  Used in over 30 UK hospitals and within both the Scottish & Welsh Air Ambulance services, our solutions provide demonstrable benefits at all level.


Whether you are trying to give visibility to the trust, early warning to hospital management, or save administrative time on the ward, our PatientFlow suite of software can help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 03300 53 59 55.

Patient Flow

5th Utility Patient Flow helps Acute Hospitals transform the way they managed beds. Patient Flow brings visibility to all hospital staff in relation to bed state and patient flow. Proven to remove duplication, double entry and bring efficiencies to hospitals at all levels, we help hospitals to get the most from their existing systems, and bring enhancements that are not available today.


Making the discharge process as efficient as possible helps hospitals deliver a smooth service to their patients, and meet the targets that have been set for them. 5th Utility solutions help hospitals by making sure the discharge process itself does not become a block to getting patients through the hospital.


Whether you are providing Emergency Helicopter response, or organising the transfer of a patient to a Care Home – 5th Utility Transport will ensure that the right information is given to the right audience at the right time. This will allow planning to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible, and reduce the number of errors often seen


Beds can easily be blocked because Meds have not be ordered, or delivered on time. 5u PharmacyView allows the ward staff to easily identify whether and when the meds were ordered, and allows the pharmacy staff to sort their requests based on the EDD, so they can prioritise getting medication to those patients who can then be discharged.

Clinical Bridge

Making sure that the wider community including GP’s, community nurses and others have the information they need to provide effective ongoing healthcare is essential for the patient, and to help minimise the number of re-admissions. Clinical bridge is used to provide an efficient way to share this information.

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